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This indictment is supported by affidavit (The book) and evidence. To understand the crimes committed one will need to read the book. In order to cement one’s understanding of the cohesive criminal organization operating under the guise of the flag of these United States, the evidence provided is both determinative and damning:

Dent Fraud Scheme
John Dent, an employee of EG&G Dynatrend, Inc., was the primary person responsible for the care, custody and control of seized assets for the Department of the Treasury in South Florida. His actions and omissions in this criminal matter cement him as the person most culpable in a conspiracy to defraud the United States; certainly not the only perpetrator, but absolutely the most key in a major government sanctioned fraud scheme. Click here to learn more.

Black Hole Conspiracy
When two or more individuals combine, confederate, conspire and agree to a criminal plan or undertaking, they have formed a conspiracy; a violation of criminal statute under both state and federal law. When those who enter into such a criminal scheme hold positions in the highest levels of our government, namely the Department of Justice, then they have given life to what can only be described as a black hole in United States history. Click here to learn more.

The Racket
Racketeering is a crime that harms society as a whole. Acts of racketeering perpetrated by those whom are sworn to protect society is nothing short of treason. The Racket revealed in this indictment shows a cohesive criminal organization operating within the law enforcement agencies of our own government; a criminal Racket that has historically merited not only our governments sanction, but protection for over ten years. Click here to learn more.

Click here to see all the evidence as it was referenced in the book.

Evidence Quick-Links
Here is the evidence as referenced in the book:
  1. Skyknight's Bidder Application
  2. N802ME Advertisement
  3. N802ME Exterior Photo 1
  4. N802ME Exterior Photo 2
  5. N802ME Cabin Photo
  6. N802ME Cockpit Photo
  7. N802ME Nose Comp Photo
  8. N802ME Left & Right Engine Log (Last Page, Book 1)
  9. US Customs (N802ME) Receipt
  10. Property Release Doc
  11. Removed Avionics
  12. Removed Inventory
  13. Box w/ 6051 Attached Photo
  14. 6051's
  15. N802ME Log #1 Hobbs Change
  16. Skyknight Spec Sheet
  17. Patco - EG&G Fax
  18. Skyknight Notice Letter
  19. Warrant
  20. Skyknight Protest Letter
  21. BK Grand Jury Subpoena
  22. Consavage Affidavit
  23. 20/20 Transcript
  24. EG&G Auction Catalog
  25. US Customs Obstruction Letter
  26. US Customs/EG&G Obstruction Letter
  27. Roberts Appraisal
  28. Thompson/Roberts Notification
  29. Dent Logbook Removal Fax
  30. EG&G/DOJ Collusion Letter
  31. US Customs/GAO Inventory
  32. Butler Letter
  33. Matthews Trial (Dent) Testimony
  34. 6/94 FMV Form
  35. 4/96 FMV Form
  36. 8/96 FMV Form
  37. Thompson N802ME Trial Review
  38. N802ME Disposition '96
  39. 94 GAO Inventory Anomaly
  40. Property Access Register
  41. Treasury Synopsis
  42. Treasury Dent Interview ('02)
  43. Treasury USAO Declination
  44. Thompson Declaration
  45. Lewis Letter #1
  46. Lewis Letter #2
  47. 21 USC 881
  48. USA Exhibit List
  49. Thompson - Matthews Testimony
  50. Thompson - Matthews Closure
  51. DEA N802ME Review
  52. Wikinson/Ryan - Matthews Trial
  53. D. Wikinson Request
  54. EG&G Description
  55. N802ME Holding Costs
  56. EG&G Contract Award

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